Oh How I Love to Save Money

I admit I'm a procrastinator, so I usually wait until the very last minute to shop for Christmas gifts each year. The downside to that is I'm rushing around trying to buy everything. The upside is there are a lot of sales right before Christmas, so I usually end up getting huge discounts on a lot of the things I buy.

This year I have a lot of commitments that will take place right around Christmas, and that's going to cut into my shopping time. Because I'll be so busy I thought maybe I should try to get my shopping done early this year before the official holiday season arrives. Considering I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in stores in September I may not have much time before the "season" begins, but I'm going to get to shopping now.

How do I shop early and still save money, though? I think my best bet is to shop online and use some of my favorite coupons and deals sites to help me find things at a discount. For instance, I can order music equipment through retailmenot musiciansfriend coupons because the average user saves over $24 through retailmenot. I love that site!

Time To Give It Up

My head is spinning right now. I've spent hours working on an assignment for an article I'm supposed to write that focuses on music.

The only problem is the group I've been working for wants me to write about a topic I know absolutely nothing about, and that translates to hours and hours of research and staring at my computer screen until I found a headache.

At least I was able to answer one question. A search for info on what is bit depth gave me a pretty good article that explained a lot I needed to know, but I still have hours more research to do. It's almost 1:30am, everyone is asleep except me, and I would much rather be in bed that doing this.

Maybe it's time to consider walking away from one of my long time freelance groups. Why continue to write for a group that no longer sends me work that interests me, right?

Nurturing Musical Interests

I want my kids to develop an interest in music. At 2 and 5 years old I'm not running out to buy them jerry jones guitars, but I am working to point them in the direction of the instruments they want to learn to play. My oldest runs around the house with a recorder most days trying her best to play Mary Had A Little Lamb. Does this mean she'll want to play a wind instrument when she's older? Probably not, but I still want to nurture her love of that little recorder. Actually, she is rather fond of the drums, and she has asked if her grandpa will teach her how to play. I want to invest in a few instruments my kids can grow with, so I'm considering purchasing a child size drum set. It might drive me crazy, but it will melt my heart at the same time!

Protecting My Favorite Shoes

The truth is I'm not your typical chick who loves shoes. All my friends think I'm crazy because I don't go gaga for every pair of cute shoes I see. I guess most of that comes from a lifetime of being frugal. When I bought the shoes for my own wedding I spent 3 days staring at the pair I wanted because they were $57, and I had a feeling I wouldn't wear them very often. I eventually broke down and purchased the shoes, but it was really hard to do!

Now I do spend a good amount of cash on shoes from time to time, but I'm still don't own many pair. I would rather buy 1 expensive pair of tennis shoes, 1 expensive pair of boots, etc, and I expect them to last me a long time.

If you take care of a good pair of shoes they will last! My favorite (and only) pair of cowboy boots is going on 14 years old, and that's because I've taken really good care of them. Not everyone knows how to properly care for their shoes, though. Check out Hanger Project's shoe care guide if you want to keep your shoes in great shape but aren't sure how to do so. I bet you'll learn some really useful tips that will keep those favorite shoes around a lot longer!

Ready To Go Out

I'm so excited because I finally get to do something this weekend I haven't done in a long time. We're getting some kid free time, and we're going to a local bar and grill to hear our friend's band play.  Hubby's dad used to play drums for the same band, and we haven't seen them since his dad had to leave the band a couple years ago. I can't wait to get to actually go out and do something. That's how long it's been since I've had a night out away from the kids.

Hubby will actually end up working part of the night because he's been asked to play roadie. He's done so a few times for this band in the past.  He meets up with them and loads up some of their equipment in the truck like their portable amps and stuff, transports the equipment, helps them setup, then we get in with no cover charge to hear them play. He'll help them back up and haul everything home at the end of the night, and we'll head off a couple miles down the road to pick up the girls from Grandma's house. It's a win-win for everyone.

Like I said I'm just happy to get to go out and do something.  It's long overdue, and this mama needs a little break. I love my kids, but every no and then I need a little "me time" to unwind.