Trying Yoga Again

I completely forgot I have my Yoga DVD that I haven't used in awhile. I should really get back into trying the Yoga again to help me with the weight loss. I stopped using it not because I was being lazy but because I was tired of trying to follow the routines on my little 19" tv. Ok, so maybe that was an excuse I was using to help me be lazy. Now that we've got our nice 46" LCD TV I can't use that excuse anymore.

Hubby and I were just talking, and I think if I start the Yoga DVD again he's going to attempt to do it with me. He's got to do something because if he doesn't lose about 10lbs he won't fit back into his bike leathers by riding season. I cannot afford to go buy him a new $600 set of leathers just because he gained 10lbs!

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