The Aroma of Good Food

My kitchen smells so wonderful right now, but I have to be a good little girl. I have to smack my own hand every time I'm tempted to go open my crock pot to look at the awesome smelling steak roll-ups that are cooking right now. I showed Hubby the Crockpot Blue Cheese & Steak Roll-Ups I've been wanting to try from The Crockpot Lady, Stephanie, and I finally got him to agree that the photos of her dish look to tasty to ignore.

I absolutely love The Crockpot Lady and her blog, A Year of CrockPotting. I use her recipes at least once every couple of weeks because I admit I cook in my Crockpot more than anything else. When we first got married I used my Crockpot 3-4 times a week. Now I use it once or twice a week because I admit we've gotten slack, and we eat out a lot. I really need to start using it a lot more, especially now that I have two Crockpots of different sizes. Anywho, back to the recipe.

Unfortunately he is not a blue cheese fan like me, so we had to adjust the recipe to our tastes. The recipe also called for red wine, and I'm the type of person who stands in the wine section of the grocery store looking like a total idiot because I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I talked to my personal queen of cooking friend Casey, and she helped me adjust the recipe for Hubby's favorite cheeses, Provolone and Gorgonzola. Hubby originally wanted to use just the provolone, but I don't think it has a strong enough flavor. Thank goodness he loves Gorgonzola. If all turns out well I might try my own steak roll-ups again sometime with some feta because I know he'll eat that.

All I know is I've had the Crockpot going for right at an hour and a half, and it's making me really hungry. Lucky for me this recipe only needs 4-5 hours to cook, so it'll definitely be ready by the time Hubby gets home from work. I'll probably end up sneaking a few bites as soon as it's done.

Now I just have to make sure I remembered to pick up everything for my Gut Bomb soup I'm making tomorrow. It's my personal version of what is sometimes called Friendship soup, and is also one of the most popular taco soup recipes you'll find around the 'net. It's the perfect meal to make tomorrow because I'm going with my friend to shop for baby bedding, so it's a nice Crockpot meal that will slowly cook for 8 hours while I'm gone.

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