Got My Cable Package

Remember when I said I got a new cell phone, but it wasn't the one I had originally planned to purchase? When Verizon announced they were coming out with the Voyager I wanted it. After spending some time playing around with it in the store I decided I didn't really like it as much as I thought. I had wanted it because it was the newest version of my phone, the vx9800 (The V), but it was touch screen.

In the end when it came time for the upgrade I decided to ditch the touch screen idea and go with the vx9900 (The enV) instead. I had already played around with this phone a lot, and I've used it many times since my best friend has one. I decided for the price, and the fact that it was just a newer version of my already trusty cell phone, it was perfect for me.

I chose to go with the green one (olive drab) because I love the color. I originally thought about getting the orange one, but everyone I know has the orange one, and frankly I ended up liking the green better. Hubby got a green one, too, but he bought a black silicone case for his.

Right now I really don't feel like writing up a full review of the phone, but you can find out all you need to know through the CNet review complete with video. What I was coming over here to write about is how happy I am that my cable package arrived today!

I ordered a cheap off brand cable package from Amazon for $3.89 that included the USB data cable, car charger, and travel wall charger. I've already got 2 wall chargers, and I have a car charger, but still for that price I decided to order the whole set just to get the USB data cable. I saw a lot of comments from people saying 1 or more of their chargers didn't work, but for less than $4 I gave it a shot anyway.

When the package arrived today the first thing I did was check the car charger. Sure enough it doesn't work, but the travel charger works fine, and the usb cord is doing it's duty uploading my ringtones to my phone as I type. All in all I'm happy even though the car charger doesn't work. For $4 for the whole set it's not worth it to pay shipping to return the 1 charger for a replacement.

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