My New Phone: LG Voyager

I've found my next phone. Hubby and I have been talking about what to do in January when our new every two rolls around for Verizon, and we've been arguing over who gets the new phone. Well as usual it's going to be me. Hubby and I always argue over it because of course I always want the new phone, and I don't think he needs a new one. He thinks he should have the new one this year, but he's just too horrible with phones. He breaks one every couple months because he's always crushing them in his toolbelt, accidentally hitting them with his hammer at work, dropping them off a roof 3 stories up...he doesn't need a new phone!

It took a little bit of convincing, but I finally got hubby to see things from my point of view. I'm getting a new phone, and he's going to take my LG V9800, so he can have a keyboard type phone. He uses mine to text all of his friends already because he loves the keyboard so much. So do I, and that's why I'm upgrading to a newer model that still have a keyboard. I had considered upgrading to the enV because it's the newer model of my own phone, but now that LG has developed the Voyager, that's definitely what I'm getting.

The LG Voyager is very similar to both theV and the enV, but it's so much more. It still has the clam shell design with the large color screen and keyboard on the inside, but the Voyager also has a much larger outer screen that is touch screen like the expensive and very over rated iPhone. It supposed microSD cards up to 8 GB. My current 9800 only supports up to 2 GB. I was told it would support 4, but I've had no luck with cards bigger than 2 GB. Right now Verizon is only offering this phone for pre-order, but it should be releasing any day as it was said to release mid-November. It'll definitely be on the shelves by the time I upgrade my phone in January, and I so can't wait!

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