Controlling The Pet Population

I'm having trouble getting into my self hosted blog right now because of server problems, so I'm going to rant here for a minute if that's ok. Of course it is, it's my blog!

Anywho, I just wanted to let everyone know how thoroughly disgusted I am with people who can't take proper care of their pets. In this case, it's the ones who can't learn what it means to have your cats fixed. Anyone who knows me knows I love animals. My pets are my babies, but I take care of them. No, my cat isn't neutered, but that's because of medical reasons. The vet things he's too high risk for UTI problems, and he's an indoor only cat. If we had another cat in the house, that cat would be fixed.

My problem is with a neighbor of ours. This woman has umpteen cats running around that are breeding wildly. It started with just a couple of cats and spread like wildfire, like it does if you don't control it. People wonder why our animal shelters are overcrowded with pets that have no homes. Aside from the puppy mills (that also disgust me) and people who buy pets without having the full intention of caring for them once they're out of the cute puppy or kitten stage, people like my neighbor contribute to the over population.

No matter how many times I've talked to this woman about getting her animals fixed, she completely ignores me. I've offered to help her by helping her take the cats to the vet, I've offered to get the information for her on the free spay and neuter program the animal shelter runs, and I've even gone so far as to call animal control twice, but nothing phases her. Animal control comes out, loads up the cats they can catch (and most of them are wild), and they leave the woman with 2 or 3 cats because she promises to get them fixed.

Last night the motion sensor lights kept coming on outside my bedroom window, which is the back corner of the house. It kept waking hubby up, so he finally checked it out. As we suspected it was the cats running around our yard. This woman's problem has now become our problem because she has so many wild cats running around they are invading my yard. We find them in our barns, under our cars, hiding under our's horrible. I don't know how many times I've walked outside to find a new litter of kittens emerging from the barn. Alley sits in the window all night calling now because there are female cats all over the place taunting him through the windows.

I'm really sick of it, and I don't know what to do anymore. Like I said I've called animal control, and nothing has really been done about it. I'm open for suggestions. What would you do?

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