What A Day

I'm hoping this day just can't get much worse. I was having a great day, checked my credit score, found it to be much better than I thought, and I was in a happy mood. Then I went to dinner with Hubby, and things just went downhill from there.

We had to stop after dinner to get brakes for the truck, and while Hubby was in the store a woman's car stalled behind us blocking us in. I felt bad that her car stalled, but I was pissed off, too. She was a mexican woman who barely spoke any English, and no matter how many times many people including store employees tried to get her to let them roll the car to the back of the small parking lot out of the way, she wouldn't do it.

She called her husband, and finally someone came along who could actually communicate with the woman, but she still pitched a fit and screamed anytime someone attempted to touch the old beater of a car. She couldn't understand that they were just trying to move it out of the way because she had 5 of our cars blocked from leaving the small parking lot.

After sitting there for almost 30 minutes trying to reason with this woman her husband showed up and moved the car. Of course he had to be stubborn as well. When Hubby and a couple other bigger guys tried to help this little old mexican man push the car out of the way, he became irate screaming in broken English that he didn't want any help. It was clear the guy couldn't move it himself, so finally the cops were called, the car was moved, and we finally got our car out of the parking lot.

When we got home, I walked inside to find most of my Lemming Central box that arrived today strewn everywhere. When I opened it earlier today Bubba was intrigued by all the smells. I even got photos of him sniffing the box, but apparently he liked it a little too much and decided to try to eat it. He didn't eat any of the actual products, but he ripped packaging and left teeth marks and puncture holes in a few things. Luckily I had sorted everything out into two piles earlier...the stuff I like and the stuff I hate. He mostly found his way into the pile of stuff I hate. That just means some product reviews won't have pictures, while I have pictures of others but no product left to try, mostly things that now oily messes in bags.

Then somehow on the way out to help Hubby with the brakes I slammed my fingers in the front door not once, but twice right across the top of my nails! My fingers were still hurting pretty badly when I began typing this, but now it's down to a dull throbbing. At least I can still type! I'm sure they'll be pretty sore in the morning though.


I think I've had about all I can take for 1 day.

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