More Products From My Little Black Box

You're just dying to know what else I got in my Little Black Box this month aren't ya? There are so many wonderful things, and they all look so pretty that I've had a really hard time touching them! Before I start listing a few of the other products I received, let me give you an update on some of the others I've already mentioned.

I decided to replace my normal morning face wash regimen with the Country Hill Acne set I received, and I have both good and bad things to say about the products in the set. First of all, I just love the way it has made me skin feel, and using the soap, toner, and acne cream really has cleared my face up. I suffer from a lot of acne problems especially during the summer months, and this stuff really has helped. The only negative thing I have to say is that the toner smells horrible! It has a soured smell that my husband refers to as wet stinky feet. Thankfully after the toner dries the smell goes away, but it was rough getting used to it the first two mornings I used the stuff!

As for the wax melts from Can Do Candles, I decided to have a little Christmas in July, so I burned the gingerbread man since he already had a broken leg. Hubby walked in from work and got all excited because he thought I had gingerbread cookies baking. He really did want the cookies, but he was happy enough to settle for the wax melt because it just smelled so good! I have to admit, it did make me a little hungry, too!

As for a few of the other things:

From Chunky Butt Candle Company I received a Pi-Lattes scented wax melt. This melt smells wonderful! It smells like coffee, and I love coffee smelling melts. The smell isn't very strong, but it does put off a nice scent. Right now I've placed it in my utility room on a shelf over the litter box, and it's working as a nice air freshener in the tiny room.

I also received a nice size container of wrinkle serum from Youthful Essentials. I'm still debating exactly what to do with this because I'm still young enough that I don't have to worry about damage repair for a few more years, but I do like to use products that give me a little bit of wrinkle prevention. The citrus smell of this wrinkle serum is very delightful. It contains the peptide Carnosine which is known for skin cell rejuvenation and restoring skin to a youthful appearance. I may try this stuff, but I might pass it along to my mom and see how she likes it.

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