LBB Is Here!

My Little Black Box arrived today and it smells so wonderful! There are tons of goodies in it this month that I'm dieing to try. I'm trying to get pics of everything to go along with this post before I end up using half the products! That doesn't mean it'll happen though! Some of this stuff is just too yummy not to rip into, and I'm like a kid in a candy store! I've already opened all the pretty packages. It's like Christmas morning once a month! I can't help but to rip the packaging off and jump right in! Here's a sneak peak of a few of the products in my box this month. I will be back later on today to share a few more!

There are some nice little scent samples from The scents are exotic sands and frosting. As soon as I snapped the photo, I ran off with the Frosting sample. I had to pour it in my mist fountain!

Can Do Candles-
There's a very delicious smelling goody bag from Can Do Candles packed full of full size wax tarts. They all smell so awesome, and are in such cute little shapes like buttons and a gingerbread man. Unfortunately the gingerbread man is missing a leg, but I think that's due to the fact that I let the box sit on the porch half the day and he may be slightly melted. Oh well, he's going to be completely melted very soon!

Aroma Soy by Grazia-
This is just the most wonderful smelling little tart. Normally I don't like lemon smells because it reminds me too much of cleaning products, but little tub of Lemon Drop is a very nice lemon scent. Her card says most of her customers say her tarts are some of the strongest they've smelled, and I will have to agree that this one is packed full of scent. I'm going to take Grazia's advice and place it on my bathroom counter as an air freshener until I'm ready to burn it. She's already cut nice little holes in the top of the container to let it breathe.

My Lip Stuff-
I loooove lipgloss and chapstick so I was really happy to find another lip balm sample in my goodies this month. This one is called Apple Pie A La mode, and it's from the My Lip Stuff Limited Edition Scents of July collection. Of course you know I ripped the package open as soon as I saw this one and it tastes wonderful! My lips are really thanking me right now, and this little guy has a permanent home in my jeans pocket.

Country Hill-
There's a nice 3 piece Acne Solution set from Country Hill this month. I think I'm really going to love this considering how prone to breakouts I am. There's the Acne Blemish Cream, Gentle Acne Toner, and Acne Cleanser Soap.

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