Hockey's Future

If you're a hockey fan, I've got a site for you to check out. It's called Hockey's Future, and it's chocked full of tons of stuff for the hockey fan. Check out the top 50 prospects, the top NHL Org. Rankings, and the ISS Top Ten. You can also participate in the HF Hockey boards with other hockey fans, get up to date news on your favorite team, and find out about the hockey draft. There's also a chat room so where you can interact with other fans. Both hubby and my father in law are big Flyers fans, so I'll definitely be passing this link on to them. They'll both be interested in checking out the 2007 Flyers draft review.

If you're interested in the sport of hockey, but you just don't know much about it, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about about drafting on the Draft FAQs. While you're enveloping yourself in all the information you could ever want to read, don't forget to check out the Hockeys Future radio station! There's definitely something for everyone on this site from the new fan who doesn't know much about the sport to the avid fan who already knows everything! Go ahead and check it out today and tell me what you think!

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