Mugwort Maggies


I no longer support this e-tailer. I placed an order on January 14th for 3 sample sizes of laundry detergent. After several email attempts at contact I have not received my product, any email responses, or a refund. As you can see in the comments someone else also has experienced the same problem. I only lost $10, but I don't want anyone else losing any money either!!!!

I read about Mugwort Maggies Apothecary awhile back on RP Soapworks, and I know I was ready to go out and buy some of the homemade laundry detergent samples offered, but I was flat broke that week. I had completely forgotten about that until I received my Little Black Box this week and saw a nice sized sample of Lavender Laundry Detergent packed among all the other wonderful things.

Aside from the fact that my photo is absolutely horrible, this stuff is really wonderful. My sample is Lavender, and it smells absolutely terrific. I was going to quote the description of the laundry detergent from the Mugwort Maggie's page, but the description is just too long for me to do that. Instead let me give you a quick overview.

All Mugwort Maggies laundry soaps are made by hand and contain no chemicals or fillers like normal laundry detergents. This means not only does it take a much smaller amount (about 1 tablespoon for small-medium loads), but it's also much more gentle. It's perfect for washing children's clothes as well as cloth diapers. The laundry detergents are made from all natural ingredients and are both chemical free and vegan. They are also 100% free of petrochemicals, phosphates and dyes, are biodegradable, and are nontoxic. This stuff is also 100% safe for your septic systems and drains.

A full size bag of Mugwort Maggies laundry soap is 22.5 ozs. That's enough to clean 48 loads, but the package is less than half the size of traditional laundry detergent because of the fact there are no fillers or chemicals. A full size bag costs $9.00, but you can also order sample sizes for $1.75 a bag. Each sample bag will wash approximately 5 loads of laundry, and there are so many wonderful scents to choose from!

I dove right in and washed a load of sheets to see how they would turn out, and I have to say they came out smelling absolutely wonderful and brighter than I've seen them in a long time! My sample bag will probably be completely gone by tomorrow, but I will definitely be ordering more. I plan to order quite a few more sample bags so I can test out some other scents.


Anonymous said...

Stay far away from this e-tailer. My order was placed and paid for over 2 months ago. I have heard nothing, despite repeated attempts to contact her. Beware!!!!!

Devon said...

I ordered somethinf from her 2 months ago as well and never got my product nor heard back after trying to contact her repeatedly! I was taken for 30.00.

Anonymous said...

I placed an order with her for 56.00 several months ago and have not heard from her either after repeated attempts at contact. Don't know how to proceed at this point...

Jenn said...

I've talked to a few people who said depending on your payment method you could do something about it. If you used Paypal you can contact them and file a complaint that you never received the product.

I finally gave up on trying to get my cash, but I only paid $10. I found her blog, then I sent her many messages through her myspace profile, and of course she never replied to those either. She didn't even read them, just deleted the messages.