Free Motorcycle Bulding Course

Anyone who reads any of my blogs should know by now that I'm a big motorcycle enthusiast. I mostly deal with the sports bike side of the road, but I also like cruisers and choppers. I've been wanting to purchase a mini bike, but I've had a hard time deciding on whether I want to buy a mini sports bike or chopper. My cousin has an awesome mini chopper that it's a ton of fun to ride.

I immediately thought of this same cousin when I saw a mini course in how to properly build a chopper frame. He's wanted to build his own custom chopper for awhile now, so I thought this would be perfect for him or anyone else who's interested in motorcycles such as I am. This is also something I know hubby would be extremely interested in. The free course discusses 9 common problems when Building A Custom Chopper Frame along with how to avoid them, and I think it's a cool read for like I said anyone interested in motorcycles. I signed up for the mini course, and I'm going to print out the mini guide for both hubby and my cousin. I know they're going to love it.

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