Rearranging Things

I guess I can blame it on being stuck inside most of the week because of snow going stir crazy, but today I decided is the day to rearrange and redecorate. I can't do too much with very little money to spend, so new furniture isn't an option. I've been walking around the house trying to find things I can reuse or repurpose into some neat decor, and I've found a few things I wouldn't have considered using before. Hubby has some pallets stacked in the carport that can be cheaply made into all kinds of stuff, so I've been on pinterest a lot today. I also found a Steel Case from one of Hubby's old saws that no longer works. I'm thinking about spray painting it and using it for storage in my office. Maybe the kids will let me attempt that during nap time, that is if nap time ever arrives today.

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