Sick Sick Sick

I seriously hate being sick, especially over the holidays. All we've really done the last few weeks is fight off one virus after another. Hubby has been sick since Thanksgiving, and he's finally getting over bronchitis. The little ones have been sick, but luckily the big one came through it pretty quickly. The little one didn't fair as well. She came down with a cough right before Christmas, and we woke up Christmas morning to find her running a pretty high fever.

The day after Christmas we were in the doctor's office for a viral cold turned ear infection. She's still getting over the ear infection, and we'll have a checkup on Monday to see how that's going. It was my turn to be sick over New Year's. I spent New Year's Eve curled up on my in-laws couch running a fever and shivering with cold chills while Hubby and the biggest one shot fireworks. I was over the fever in a couple days, but I'm still battling the congestion and cough.

Today I feel like I've got a golf ball in my throat, so I've spent every minute possible curled up on the couch with hot lemon tea and the laptop. With the exception of looking up a couple things on that Hubby needs I really didn't even touch the laptop until now. The kids haven't really given me a chance, and I just haven't felt like being online much.

Hopefully tomorrow will be different and I'll finally feel like trying to get back into the swing of things.  After all with all this sickness I've seriously neglected my blogs and my work online, so I really need to get back to making some money.  All the meds we've all been on have depleted any little extra cash we've had!

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