Why is this time of the year always so busy? Between Hubby's overloaded work schedule, doctor appointments, and birthdays I feel like none of us are ever home.  The last two weeks I've been super overloaded with work myself, and I feel a bit overwhelmed right now.  I finally got all the laptops I had fixed and out the door.  Now I need to work on my own personal and business computers because they're all majorly lacking in maintenance lately.

I would really like to order ESET security licenses for my business computers, but I only have 2. If I added my personal desktop and laptop I would have 4, but you have to order a minimum of 5. I need to see if any of my friends are interested in combining an order to have enough.  For now I guess I'll stick with my usual stuff and manually cleaning anything that doesn't get until I can add ESET to my regimen.

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