Stopping The Complaining

We'll be having Ellie's party at an outdoor shelter at Duke Power's employee recreation beach, so I'm wondering if I should pull out some of my rocking chair cushion sets so the great grandparents will all have something nice and cushion-y to sit on.  I know it's one more thing to take with us, but last year all 3 of the great grands did nothing but complain throughout the whole party.  Either they were cold, or the picnic tables were uncomfortable, or they thought everything was taking too long and we should speed things up.  This year I have a simple solution for the complaining.  My hormones aren't going to put up with it, so if they aren't happy with the way things are going they are more than welcome to leave and visit with Ellie later.  Why should the other 40+ people suffer because 3 people aren't happy?

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