Computer Illiterate

My friend just asked me to do some research for her online because she's too computer illiterate to figure it out. Yeah, I'm still the girl everyone runs to when they need me to look something up for them, especially people like my friend who gets lost trying to figure out how to turn her computer on. I seriously don't get how some people, especially people my age can be so computer illiterate in this day and age. I mean, even if you don't own a computer if you're my age you should at least know how to turn it on and do basic functions. Computers are present in almost every job environment out there, and we all had to pass computer classes to graduate.

I’ve given up on trying to teach her how to use the internet, so when she asked me to search for carpet cleaning holly springs nc I said sure, I'll go for it. She needs to find a carpet cleaning service in NC for a rental property she just purchased, and she wants to try to salvage the carpet that's in it instead of replacing it.  Personally if it were me I’d rip it all out.  I hate carpet.  I hate the linoleum floors we have throughout most of our house, but I’ll take them any day over carpet! 

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