Paint & Glitter

It's been a really busy day around here as I try to prepare everything for the little one's 3rd birthday party tomorrow.  She informed me everything has to be "pwefect" because "all my fwiends coming to my party!"  Seriously?  I swear she skipped from 2 straight to tween.

Anywho, she specifically asked for a carnival party, so I've been working my butt off trying to do carnival on a major budget.  My fingers are a dozen different shades after spending most of the afternoon making and painting cardboard decorations for each table that will become a game or food stall.  My kitchen looks like a fairy farted after we had a glitter explosion at 2am.  That's a mess I'll be cleaning for months, and every time I sneeze I add a little sparkle to my tissue.

I still have a few more food items to make and/or buy, lemonade and tea to make, and games to put together.  Ben gets to spend the evening blowing up a gazillion balloons.  My pregnant lungs (yep, we're expecting again!) would have me lightheaded after 1 or 2.  Hopefully it'll all come together by tomorrow afternoon.  We'll all party, get a massive sugar rush, and hopefully crash hardcore tomorrow night.

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