So Glittery

There is glitter everywhere...everywhere!  That's what I get for letting the *almost* 3 year old play with glitter, but at least she had tons of fun.  She did a pretty good job of containing the mess, too.  She was so careful to snap the lid on after shaking each bottle on her paper, and she carefully dumped the excess glitter into a big bowl.

So, the little one wasn't the problem.

It's really my fault...for not removing the glitter bowl from the room before the dog jumped the baby gate and decided to investigate.  The bowl went flying, glitter everywhere!  The dog sneezed when the glitter covered his nose, and the glitter floated through the air again.  I cleaned as much up as I could, but the play room still needs a good scrub.  I have a feeling I'll be cleaning glitter out of things for weeks!

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