GPS For Golfing? Really?

I feel like I'm falling behind on technology.  Maybe it's because the gadget I just saw was something I would never use, but I didn't know you could buy buy golf gps units and watches. Seriously? What will they think of next? My Papa took me golfing with him many times when I was very young. He passed away right before my 8th birthday, and the last thing he gave me was a custom mini lefty putter. I used it a few times for putt putt, but I haven't been golfing since. The hubby isn't much of a golfer either. He has 2 full sets of clubs that we really need to sell because he's never used either of them. One was a hand me down set from his Dad, and the other was a gift from a friend. They're both sitting in the utility room collecting dust, so why keep them? His idea of spending the day at the golf course is watching his friends golf while he rides around in the golf cart!

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