Getting The Creative Juices Flowing

I know Unconscious Mutterings comes out on Sunday, but I'm always behind when I feel like doing a meme. My brain feels fried tonight, and I need something to get the juices flowing for the gabillion, okay 15, articles I have to write before midnight.  I think a meme should do just the trick.
  1. Rude :: Obnoxious
  2. Leather :: Jacket
  3. Headquarters :: Spy
  4. Good guys :: Bad guys
  5. Blowing :: Wind
  6. Doddering :: Little old man
  7. Instructional :: Video
  8. Standards :: Raising mine
  9. Eatery :: Now I'm hungry
  10. Vampire :: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Did I just show my age with #10?  

Anywho, now I guess I'm off to get some work done pending the little one will finally fall asleep and let me!

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