Feeling Crappy

I've got lots of work I need to do tonight, but I can't get motivated to do it.  My allergies are driving me nuts and have me feeling pretty run down after spending most of the day outside with the little one, and when I have a lot of sunlight exposure my eczema flairs up leaving me.  I have really bad splotches on my ankles and right now, and it totally sucks.   What is eczema?  Most people know what eczema is, but if you don't it's a type of dermatitis.  My eczema mostly occurs on my ankles, but sometimes I have it on my elbows.  Thankfully I don't have it on my face.

Ellie has eczema, too, but the only place it occurs for now is on her lower back where her diaper rubs her skin.  Her flair ups aren't nearly as bad now that she's daytime potty trained, but we're now noticing sunlight makes hers worse as well.  She doesn't normally get a lot of sun exposure in that area, but now that the warm weather is here and she's been playing in her pool a lot we've noticed her eczema is worse after spending a couple hours outside running around if she's wearing a bikini.  Her bikini bottoms fall just below her eczema leaving it exposed, so lately I've been putting her in a one piece, and that has definitely made a difference.  As cute as her little cherries bikini is I guess I need to pack it up and send it to my cousin's little girl while we stick to one piece swimsuits.

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