New Truck…Broke Truck

If you were to ask me what’s been going on lately I’d ask you how much time you’ve got to listen.  We’ve been busy dealing with all of our vehicles breaking down at once, Ben’s work having downtime between finishing one house and starting a new one, birthday parties, and new babies coming into this world in droves (too bad none of them are mine to keep).  Yeah, it’s been quite busy around here.  Then yesterday we spent all day at the dealership purchasing our *new to us* truck.  All this running around has me worn out, and I wish I had a huge bean bag to melt into. I may have to get a couple for the play room now that Ellie is big enough.

Today was spent yet again dealing with the new truck because there’s 1 last thing the dealership has to fix on it.  Ben got to drive it home yesterday, but the truck started messing up again on the way home.  Just what you want from a truck you just purchased, right?  It’s a used truck, but the problem had been fixed and the truck was working fine again.  Everything checked out, and the test drive went great.  I thought I was going to cry when it started giving us problems less than 2 hours after we drove it off the lot, but even though we bought the truck “as is” (we couldn’t get a warranty with the oversized tires) the dealership is going above and beyond to fix the problem, a faulty solenoid, for us.  I have to give them major props for what they’ve done.  They could’ve said “sorry, it started happening after you bought it, so you’re SOL”, but they said “we’ll get that taken care of”.  Ben drove Daddy’s Jeep to work today, and the dealership sent a tow truck all the way out here… 37 miles away from the dealership… to pick it up and have the solenoid replaced for us!  Hopefully we’ll be getting the truck back for good tomorrow, and we’ll finally be able to celebrate our new much needed purchase.

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