Swim Swim Swim

I’m starting to think my child has turned into a little mermaid.  She’s spent almost everyday of the last two weeks in the pool, and who can blame her with the gorgeous weather we’ve had for the most part.  That is, until the rain hit yesterday, and it was just a little too chilly outside with the wind even before the rain came for me to feel comfortable letting her get in the pool.  She pitched a fit to get in the pool anyway, and I repeated umpteen times that it was just too cold, the water would be cold, and she would get sick.  The little monkey told me to “buy a heater”.  SMH. Yeah, let me just pull up a list of raypak heaters and pick one out for her kiddie pool!  Yeah, that was definitely a dose of sarcasm there. 

She eventually settled for putting on her swimsuit and playing in the bath tub for a bit.  The swimsuit was a must because she said without it she was just taking a bath.  She’s TWO!  When did she get big enough to tell me stuff like that?

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