Picking Out Glasses

I’ve been sitting here trying to order prescription sunglasses for Ben, and I've come to the conclusion I just can't pick them out for him. Not only am I totally indecisive, but I don’t want to buy a pair that I know he’s going to hate.  The last time I ordered glasses for him I did the photo upload thing and tried the glasses on his virtual face.  I picked out the pair I thought looked the best and ordered those.  When they arrived I loved them.  They fit his face just like they had in the photo, but him? Not so much.  He says they’re too thin, and he prefers oval frames to the square ones I ordered.  I think I’m the only who has to look at them all the time, so I should get the final say so :-p. No, I want him to be happy, so that’s why I think I’m going to hold off on ordering anything until he gets home.  I picked out 3 pair that I like, and I’m hoping he’ll choose one of those pair as a compromise.

I really hope I don’t have to go through this with Ellie in a few years, but I’m almost certain she’ll have glasses at some point.  Everyone on both sides of our family wears some type of glasses or contacts with the exception of me.  My dad, sis, and I all have the same vision, but my eyes were able to better adjust preventing me from needing glasses.  I do admit there were plenty of times when I was in high school and college and I borrowed an old pair of my sister’s glasses for a long late night study session when my astigmatism was bothering me, but other than that I’ve been lucky enough to not need them.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and Ellie will have eyesight like mine, but I’m not counting my chickens just yet.

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