A Hot Mess In More Ways Than One

I just spent 2 hours soaking and scrubbing my wax tart burner.  Why?  I decided to burn a tart last night that was supposed to smell like a Red Hot candy.  The smell was wonderful, but the aftermath?  Not so much.  The tart had a real red hot in it that melted, bubbled, and caramelized into a hot mess that turned into a rock solid black layer when the tart cooled and solidified!  I had to confiscate a chisel from Hubby just to get the ball of yuck out of the burner.

Unfortunately I lost the business card that came out of a sample box with this particular tart, so I don't know which e-tailer this tart came from.  I'll have to search the sample sites I buy from to see if I can find who this one came from so I can avoid it in the future.  So, here's my note to all you e-tailers out there who might think about putting real candy in your wax tarts.  Please don't do it!  The mess is absolutely horrible!

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