Almost Pool Time

I hate that I've been stuck inside so much over the last few days instead of outside enjoying this beautiful weather. When I finally had time to take the little one outside to play today it was too late. We were putting our shoes on when I heard the first few drops of rain hitting the roof. It was a popup shower that passed quickly, but the rain was so heavy it made everything a mess. At least she got to spend some time outside Saturday while Hubby worked on our car. She even got in there and helped him! I had to take photos of her grease covered little hands when she came inside. It was too cute!

Sunday the LO went to my aunt's house to play with her cousin for a bit, and they ran around outside while my aunt did some yard work, pulled out the hot tub covers, and started getting the pool ready. I'm so ready to go swimming!  Maybe life will settle down enough by the time the water warms up so I can actually enjoy some time in the pool this year.  Sadly I only got to hit the lake a couple times last Summer, and we never even had a chance to get the LO in the pool.

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