A Distracted Mind

My mind has been everywhere but where it should be lately.  Lately I find myself becoming more and more distracted when I sit down at my pc.  Maybe that’s because I’ve had less and less “quiet time” to get things done and relax a bit while the little one naps.  Maybe it’s because I’ve got a touch of Spring Fever (except for dreary days like today), and I’d much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than inside working.  Then there’s the fact that there’s just so much going on in the online world it’s easy to get distracted. 

On of the “jobs” I do online involves a bit of ghostwriting.  One of my deadlines was that I needed to have 1000 words written by noon today.  My procrastination gene kicked in full force, and I finished around 11am this morning.  Every single time I would sit down to write something else would grab my attention whether it would be Hubby walking in and asking me to do something, the little one whining because she didn’t have my full attention, or (during quiet time) my mind wandering.  I’ll just check my Facebook.  I’ll only be on there a minute…

an hour later…

I MUST write now.  2 sentences…3 sentences…a Draw Something request?  I guess I can break for that!

This is how things have been going lately.  Then there are the times I head to Google to do some research about something I need to write.  I often get distracted by search engines as well.  Ooh, this website with Ripped Freak reviews seems interesting. I wonder if they have any photos?

And there goes my mind again!  I’ve got to figure out a new routine, something that will keep me motivated to write, something that keeps my mind from wandering too much.  I do believe I’ll start shutting my cell phone and wifi off while I write and turn it back on when I need to research or submit my work!

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