Thistlecraft Designs Outta My Face Adjustable Headband

Out of all the items in my February Little Black Box gift bag I definitely have a favorite.  This month it is the Outta My Face Adjustable Handband in Confetti color from Thistlecraft Designs.
Outta My Face Adjustable Headband
This adjustable headband is designed to keep your hair out of your face when putting on makeup, washing your face, or doing a facial treatment.  I used it the night I got my LBB to keep my hair out of my face when washing my face before bed.  Since then I have used this headband multiple times, and it has come in handy for all sorts of things.
My favorite use is to keep my hair up when I’m taking a bubble bath or showering without washing my hair.  Even my super thick hair nestles into the hand band when I place the velcro on top.  I’ve even used it to keep my hair out of my face when I’m running around the house cleaning.
I absolutely love that the headband is not only adjustable, but easily washable.  You don’t have to worry about getting makeup or face wash on it because you can toss it in the washer when you’re done. 
My 2 year old loves it, too.  She found it in the bathroom and decided it was a toddler size belt!  She wants to wear it on her waist when playing dress up!
If you’re interested in one of these handmade headbands check out Thistlecraft Designs store.  Headbands will be available soon for $10 plus shipping, and you can pre-order your custom size and color now.  Check out Thistlecraft’s Facebook photo gallery to see available colors.


Milly said...

Thanks for such a great write-up! Glad you and your little girl are enjoying your headband!!!
Milly, Thistlecraft Designs

The Beauty Pirate said...

I'm so glad to see that others are picking up on my favorite way to wear it in the tub ;-)