Everyone Has Toys

I’m enjoying this beautiful weather and late evenings outside with the family so much.  Last night Hubby pulled out his Nitro RC Cars (he has three of them) and played in the driveway while the LO and I played with sidewalk chalk.  Ellie thought it was so awesome that Daddy has toys, too!  She ran up and down the driveway drawing lines for him to follow with his cars.  Hubby tried to teach her to use the controller, but she’s still a bit too young for that.  She did have a blast trying to catch the cars to ride them.  We had to explain Daddy’s toys aren’t for riding on like her Barbie Jeep and her fourwheeler.  She eventually agreed she couldn’t ride them, so she spent the rest of the time outside riding up and down the driveway on her fourwheeler with Daddy driving his car next to her.  It was too adorable to watch!

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