Guest post written by Rolf Tate

I know they say that kids shouldn't watch TV until they are at least two years old, but I swear my baby loves TV! When she is tired I can do everything I can think of and she will still cry. I rock her, she cries. I swaddle her, she cries. I nurse her, she cries. But, if I put her in her bouncy seat in fron of direct tv fort worth with a cooking show on, she will smile and watch it until she falls asleep! I would never admit this to any of my friends who don't even let there seven year olds watch TV, but I am one of those parents that believes you do what you have to do with a crying baby! I am not going to drive my family crazy because I am withholding what my baby seems to like! Who knows maybe she is going to grow up and be a chef or a baker one day and I will be able to say she has been watching cooking shows and training since she was six months old!

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