Tried It Out

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

Not too long ago I was online looking at all the DIRECTV Local Channels we had available in our area and I decided to sign up for the local paper when I saw a banner ad. I actually don't read the paper I thought was that I could clip coupons on the weekends and save some money on our grocery bill. Who would've thought that simple decision would have turned me into a couponmonster? I am now one of those people that have a coupon binder and spend hours upon hours clipping the right coupons and buying extra papers to make sure I have enough of what I need. My husband thinks I'm crazy because our greatness is piled to the ceiling with extra things like paper products and mustard containers but I can't help myself… If I see that I can get it cheap would be coupon I'm going to buy as many as they have in the store. In my mind I am just being extra efficient!

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