It Feels Like A Monday

Today might be hump day, but boy does it feel like a Monday.  I guess that's because Hubby didn't work yesterday due to the snow in the NC mountains, and he normally only has Sunday off.  I really enjoyed getting to spend our entire Valentines Day together as a family, but it totally made today feel like a Monday.

I stayed up way too late last night, and it took way too much coffee to get me going this morning.  The LO and I ended up lounging around on the couch for a couple hours, and then I set her to work at her craft table.  She made a birthday card for Daddy (he'll be 30 tomorrow) from macaroni noodles, glue, and paint, and she painted in one of her coloring books while I cleaned the kitchen.  The kitchen cleaning took much longer than it should have because I am extra clumsy today.  I stubbed my toe twice, busted my knee on the door jam stepping over the baby gate, and took a dive across the wet kitchen floor when the dog spilled his water bowl.  *Sigh*

So I gave up on cleaning the house and put Ellie in the tub.  I always let her play in the water for a few minutes before washing her so she doesn't end up sitting in soapy water and getting irritated (not just because she's a girl, but because soap can irritate her Pityriasis).  She played with her bath crayon for about 10 minutes while I wiped down the bathroom counter and sink.  Then I turned around to soap her up and realized she still had her socks on!  Yeah, it definitely feels like a Monday, and mama brain fog is hitting me hard today!

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