Helping Out A Friend In Need

Sometimes we have so much going on in our own lives I forget that others are dealing with things that are far worse.  Tonight I'm putting together a care package to send to a couple we are friends with who have been having a very difficult year.  The father has some major back problems, and that's led to a difficulty working.  He had a discectomy, but it didn't fix everything and he's been in extreme pain for a couple years. He had another surgery a couple weeks ago to implant a device that will deliver pain medication directly to the damaged part of his back, but he is now on bed rest for a couple months.

On top of that the family found out a few months ago their toddler son has neurofibromatosis, so that have yet another thing they must deal with.  Mom has to miss a lot of work to take both Dad and son to numerous doctor's appointments and MRIs, so I know they're struggling.  Plus, they also just discovered baby #2 is on the way.

I was feeling pretty down this morning about a situation we're dealing with when thoughts of our friends popped into my head.  They have it so much worse, and I shouldn't be dwelling on things that seem minor compared to what they're going through. I know my little care package isn't much, but hopefully it will help them out in some way by providing a few things they can use.  I can't give much, but even a pack of diapers or a few cans of food mean that's a few less things they have to buy on their already tight budget.

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