Merry Christmas Y'all!

We'll be so busy the next few days I probably won't have an extra second to sit down at my desk, so I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Yes, this girl still says Merry Christmas...none of that happy holidays junk.

If you celebrate the holiday have your Christmas festivities started yet?  Ours start tonight with dinner at my Mom's house.  We'll have a dinner each night from now until next Tuesday, and both tomorrow and Christmas day are packed with various events we have to attend.

I can't wait to see how Ellie reacts this year when it's present time.  Last year she was 14 months old, so she grasped the concept that something wrapped up in front of her means she gets to rip it open.  She didn't really understand that she had more than 1 gift to open, though, so she wanted to stop and play with the first thing she opened.  She's 2 now, and she's been helping my aunt and me wrap presents, so she understands that it's a gift for someone inside that paper.

When I wrapped Ben's present a few nights ago she was so excited to show it to him.  As soon as he walked in the door she was under the tree pointing and saying "Daddy me buy presents.  Me wap presents.  You get presents."  Thankfully she doesn't know what's in the box, or she'd be telling what it is.  She hasn't grasped the concept that presents are a surprise lol.  I got him a new phone through our discounted upgrade and a couple funny tshirts he's been wanting (no worries, he doesn't read this blog).  She's tried to tell him the box is filled with everything from a baby doll to a new bike.  He just laughs and says "Well baby, that must be an awful small motorcycle.  What color is it?"  She always replies "green Daddy!".  Man, I love her and her imagination!

Anywho, it's about time for me to get dressed, and then I'll have to wake Ellie up from her nap a bit early to get her dressed and make it there in time.  Hopefully she won't be too cranky!  So, once again, Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all have a joyous holiday full of lots of family, friends, and love!

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