Baby Planning 102

My little cousin had a baby girl last week, and now that we're financially back on track I admit seeing that beautiful baby had baby fever hitting me with the force of a freight train.  Ben and I began discussing future children shortly after we had Ellie, and we had already come up with a plan for baby #2.  We decided we wanted to start trying to expand our family shortly after Ellie's second birthday, but then we got slapped with the job loss and all that.

Let me tell you that's one sure fire cure for baby fever.  I would see a baby, and instead of getting all excited and wishing for another one of my own I would be hit with the fear that we would find ourselves surprised with a baby on the way when we were so financially unable to handle it.  We were having a hard enough time providing for our family of three.

Now that's behind us.  Of course there's always the possibility that we could find ourselves jobless again in the future, but thanks to the contract Ben picked up with his current job we know it won't happen for a long time.  We're ready to expand our family, and it couldn't come at a better time.  Every single one of my married female friends that was planning on having more children is currently pregnant.  It is so hard not to want another baby when my best friend just gave us the news that she can be added to that list.  Now I'm the only one left standing without child.

This also means I'll have to start gathering up all the maternity clothes I have because most of them aren't actually mine.  My bff and I had our first babies 6 months apart, so except for a few seasonal items that I purchased the maternity clothes were borrowed from her.  This time I'm thinking I may go ahead and start buying some maternity clothes before I pee on that stick and get a positive line.  I want to be prepared, so I might as well start checking out maternity clothes stores for year round items while it's the time of year for sales.  I'm confident we won't have any problem getting pregnant again.  We only tried for about 2 months when we got pregnant with Ellie.

Our conversation was pretty much like this...

Me- (early January 09) Can we finally have a baby now?  I mean we've been married 6 years, and you always said you wanted  to have kids when your best friend did so your kids would be about the same age.  Well, he's got one on the way.

Ben- Okay, I'm in.  Let me go throw the condoms away.

Me- (2 months later sitting at the lookout on the mountain in the middle of a motorcycle ride) Hey, I just got sick on the bike, so I must be pregnant.  I think we should stop at the store for a test on the way home.  (2 hours later) Yep, I'm pregnant.

So yeah, I don't think it will be that hard for us to get pregnant again.  I've even taken a few fertility tests over the last couple of months to make sure everything is A-okay, and it is.  I might as well start preparing now while I can get the clothes I'll need on the cheap!

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