Just A Meme Post

I know I'm way behind on this one, but I felt like doing a couple memes today, so oh well. I'm going to start with last Sunday's Unconscious Mutterings since I haven't done this one in awhile.

I say ... and you think ... ?

Dedication :: Motherhood
Dream destination :: Ireland
Games :: Board
Hard as :: Nails
Convict :: Felon
Submit :: Hit Enter
Alcohol :: Poisoning
Clippers :: Nails
Hormonal :: Me!
Diet :: Exercise

Moving along...

The Saturday Six

1. What is your least favorite Christmas dessert? bread pudding

2.  Which cartoon that was popular when you were a child could you just not get into? I really can't remember any.  I loved pretty much all the cartoons!

3. What’s the most embarrassing cell phone ringtone that you’ve heard someone else’s phone play? One of my male friends used to have a Backstreet Boys ringtone.  I'm not sure if he found it embarrassing, but it was pretty embarrassing to me when I was out in public with him!

4. When you’re having a bad day or you’re in a bad mood, which song best keeps you in that bad mood or makes it that much worse? Um...what kind of question is this?  I guess when I'm pissed off and want to stay that way I listen to rock, but there's not any particular song that keeps me pissed off.

5. What was the first time that you remember truly feeling like an adult? Heck I still don't feel like an adult!

6. When someone first walks into a room, what is the first thing you tend to notice about that person?  The eyes.  I always notice a person's eyes before anything else.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Thanks for playing...Q4 was actually a follow-up to a question I asked years ago about which song would most likely get you OUT of a bad mood. I have a friend who'd crank up Nine Inch Nails when he was in a bad mood and wanted to STAY that way for a while, so that's why I asked. :)

Hope you'll be back!