Boys and Me

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

I love sitting at home with my boys and watching sports on the weekends, all three of them! My sons are all about basketball and my husband’s more of an NFL guy so at the end of the day there’s always some game or another on our TV. I got us Direct TV Chandler for the house so we’d get all the games they wanted and it’s really helped everyone stick together as a family which I love so much. My sons often invite friends over to watch games which I just adore because I can cook for them and there’s no shortage of fun young energy in the house. I think it’s great having them under my roof where I can keep track of them and my husband agrees – it’s worth it to us to renew the DirecTV year after year just to know what our boys are up to! They’re only 12 and 14 and though they still like us I know they’re itching to get out and about more often.

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