What A Week!

Normally I can blame my depressed mood and insomnia on my Thyroid imbalance, but this week it has been caused by pure stress.  When I’m stressed I get depressed, and when I’m depressed I just can’t sleep.  I’ve been dealing with this a lot with the whole job hunt issue.  Ben still hasn’t found a job (he’s got an interview in the morning so cross your fingers!), and my own job hunt has turned up nothing. 

To top it off someone knocked on the door at 9:30am, and Ben opened the door to find a cop asking for me.  I freaked out wondering what the heck a cop would want with me.  He was serving me papers…from a debt collection company…for a debt I paid off years ago.  Of course that stressed me out to the max because I thought I had let something slip through the cracks completely forgetting to pay it.  I pulled out my records, and I have receipts showing that debt paid in full.  It’s just some random junk debt buyer trying to scare me into paying something I’ve already paid.  As I’ve got the receipts it’s a pretty cut and dry case, so I’m not too worried about it now.  Yesterday, it did add to the stress, though.

Then I sat down to blog last night, and the O key on my netbook broke off the keyboard.  I hit the key, and one of the plastic clips on the bottom of it snapped right now.  Just great!  I popped the zero key off and stuck it in the O’s place because I just can’t do without my O key.  It’s practically impossible not to use it!  See, three O’s in that sentence alone!  I can still use the zero key, but I’m hitting the little rubber connection underneath, not an actual key.  I’ll have to do some more rearranging, find another key I hardly ever use to replace it, and I’ll just have to live with a weird looking jacked up keyboard for now.  I doubt I can find a replacement letter, and even if I could I couldn’t afford to buy it right now!

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