Classic Arcade Games Melt My Heart

As a child of the 80’s I grew up in love with all the arcade classics like Pac-Man.  I remember going to Pizza Hut with my parents and quickly inhaling my food so I could drop my quarters into the Pac-Man game.  My sister would always leave crying because she was too small to understand how to play.  Of course, I wasn’t very willing to help her because I didn’t want to interfere with my own playing time.  Yep, I was a mean one.

My love of the classic games didn’t subside as I grew older.  Ben and I both enjoy playing arcade games from our childhood, so when I saw that is giving away a pacman arcade machine I was quick to learn how I could grab myself a chance at winning.  I’ve always wanted to own a Pac-Man arcade machine.  My dad had a Superman pinball machine when I was a kid, and every Christmas I woke up hoping there would be a Pac-Man game sitting in the living room ready to take it’s spot right next to the pinball machine.

I can’t afford to buy my own machine now, but I would love a chance to win one!  If you’re interested in the machine entering is easy.  SIgn up for the monthly promotion from from, and you will be entered to win the Pac-Man machine that comes complete with 12 built in games, authentic joystick control, and classic graphics and sounds!

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