Buying Life Insurance

I’ve been looking at the budget again today, and I realized it’s been a few months since I last requested an insurance quote.  I started out my searching for quotes on our car insurance, but I didn’t find anything cheaper than we’re already paying.  I’ll search again in October when it’s time for our policy to renew. 

Then I decided to get a few quotes for life insurance.  I have a life insurance policy, but Hubby does not.  I’ve been putting aside a bit of money in an insurance fund, and we finally have enough built up to pay a few month’s worth of premiums if we can get a good price.  I think tonight I’m going to check out to see what kind of quotes we'll receive on different types of policies. Life insurance is definitely something Hubby needs. I feel like if something happens to me I know everything will be taken care of and there will be money to go to supporting Ellie, but if something were to happen to Hubby right now we'd find ourselves in a very hard situation.

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