The Art Of Wearing Jewelry

Most women are ecstatic to receive a new piece of jewelry, but I admit I’ve never really been a big jewelry wearer.  Most of that comes from the fact that my mom didn’t wear much jewelry, and the church we grew up in taught that wearing jewelry and makeup to enhance the appearance was wrong.  Sometimes I wonder if I would feel differently about wearing jewelry if I hadn’t been raised this way.  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable if I wear jewelry because it’s not normal for me. It's not an everyday part of my wardrobe, and it's something that I was taught should only be worn on special occasions. I don't agree with that, but since I was never taught how to properly accessorize I feel weird when I do try.

There are times I do wear jewelry, though.  I have an opal necklace that I love to wear on special occasions, and I’ve been eyeing a ring with black diamonds that I would love to have. If I could afford that ring I would wear it all the time because I love it that much, and that's saying a lot for someone like me. I don't even wear my wedding ring most of the time!

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