Work In Progress

I’m thankful my Grandma was willing to watch Ellie for a few hours today so I could get a ton of work done that has piled up over the last week.  I’ve had 4 desktops that need repair accumulate since last Wednesday, and I got another laptop in this morning.  Add that to my online work that is due tomorrow and the fact that my house has been looking like a tornado aftermath, and I knew I needed to send Ellie to a sitter for awhile so I could get caught up. 

I’ve been able to get everything done that was backed up, and I got caught up enough to start on the blog maintenance that I normally do on Fridays.  I have been earning a little extra money doing monthly maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting for bloggers, and that extra income has helped greatly. 

The only thing I haven’t fixed is the laptop I received this morning.  It’s my best friend’s laptop, and I work on it an average of once every 2-3 months.  That’s because a. she doesn’t follow my advice to run her malware/virus scanners, b. she likes to mess with settings when she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and c. it’s an old pos laptop that is already on the verge of death.  Unfortunately I don’t think a repair is worth it this time around.  The motherboard is about to crap out, and to replace it just won’t be worth it.  She’ll be better off upgrading to a new laptop that won’t have so many issues.  Now I just have to figure out how to tell her because I know she’s not going to take the news lightly.  I think I’m going to go ahead and backup all her files then I will probably print out a pricelist of compatible motherboards as well as a price list of some of the laptops I recommend.  I think she may be surprised to see how cheaply she can get a new laptop, especially if she's willing to take advantage of a clearance laptops special. Knowing her she's probably all for buying a new one on clearance, but I hate breaking the news to her that her old one has finally bit the dust.

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