Growth Spurt

Sometimes I look at the little one’s clothes and I feel like someone is slipping hgh pills into her applesauce! Two days ago she wore a pair of 12 month pants that fit her perfectly. While at my Grandma's she spilled something on them, so we changed her. My Grandma kept the pants, washed them, and then put her back in them tonight when she gave her a bath before sending her home. When she got home I saw her pants legs were riding up over her ankles, and that's when I realized it was the same pair of pants she wore TWO days ago! Did she have a sudden growth spurt over night? The more likely answer is that my Grandma accidentally shrunk the pants, but it still has me wondering if I need to try her in some of the 12 month pants that fit her last week to see if she’s already grown out of them!  She’s been in between 12 and 18 month clothes for a couple months now, and last week she started fitting better into the 18 month tops.  Maybe her short little legs are finally catching up to her “age range”, too.

Thank goodness for family/friends who love to buy her clothes and thrift stores.  Financially we’re doing better right now, but things are still tight.  I can’t imagine if I had to run out and buy her a whole new wardrobe every few weeks.  I did buy a box of clothes on ThredUp a couple weeks ago, but I went ahead and bought 24 month clothes she’ll wear in the fall/winter.  Now I just hope I don’t need to run out and buy 24 month Summer clothes!

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