Grass Cutting

I think my wonderful Hubby is in heaven right now.  He came home all excited because my Grandpa is finally going to let him cut our grass.  For those of you who don’t know we are very grateful that we live in a family home owned by my Grandparents on their farm.  They lived here for 40 years then built their dream house on another piece of the property. Even though they are both capable of doing most things for themselves there are times when they do need someone to help them and check in on them.  My aunt takes care of things in the evenings and at night, but during the day I’m here for anything they need.  In exchange for staying close by and helping them out when they need it, taking them to the doctor, things like that, we don’t pay rent to live here.  I would do those things for them anyway, and we have paid rent in the past when we could do so.  They know we’ve been struggling while Hubby has been out of work, though, so they declined to accept rent right now.

My Grandpa doesn’t to admit that he can’t do certain things he used to do though.  I understand it, and even though it makes me feel a bit bad that it seems like he and my Grandma do most of the yard work, that’s what they want.  He claims it because he wants it done just right, but we all know that the truth is he feels like if he stops doing those things his body will slow down.  Well that, and I think yard work is his secret escape when my Grandma is being extra crabby!

Apparently today my Grandpa asked Hubby if he’d start cutting our yard because he admits it’s getting to be too much for him to handle.  Hubby said he could see how sad my Grandpa was about even having to ask.  Hubby loves to cut grass (what is it with the men in my family and grass cutting?), so he’s all excited that he gets to do it now.  We’ll eventually have to get us a new mower.  We sold ours shortly after we moved here because we had no need for it if Hubby couldn’t use it, but for now he’ll get to use my Grandpa’s riding mower.  It’s no toro zero turn, but it gets the job done. That's all that matters, right?

I’m happy, too, because now when Hubby is getting on my nerves I can just say “Hey, why don’t you go cut the grass or something!”  That’ll get him out of my hair for a bit!

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