Busy Weekend

I’ve got so much stuff to do this weekend that I had to sit down and make a list.  I don’t do that very often for weekends!  While the little one is down for her nap I have to sort through my drawers again and make room for a ton of clothes my younger sis-in-law just gave me.  I came home with 2 trash bags full of clothes that don’t fit her anymore, and they are much needed to replace my clothes that I have “grown” out of. The greatest thing about getting gently used clothes from the younger sis-in-law is that most of them are name brands that I could never afford to buy (most she found as thrift store finds, too!), and all of them are “in style”.  There are a couple pair of rocawear jeans that I can't wear, so I'll pass them along to a friend who can wear them. I've got to clean my own closet and dresser out again to make room for the new stuff, so I'll be able to take a couple bags of stuff I can’t wear anymore to the Goodwill or DAR on my way out tonight.

Then I have to go shopping tonight for a birthday present, then we’ve got a long list of stuff to do tomorrow.  First we’re helping a friend move the rest of his stuff into his new house in the morning.  We’ve got to finish that up in time to get Ellie to a birthday party at 3 that’s 45 minutes away.

After the party we’ll get home just in time for Hubby’s “play date” with our brother-in-law.  We dubbed it the “Manly Play Date” because the guys are going to spend the evening “shooting paper people” aka doing target practice while Ellie, my sis-in-law, and I are going to dye Easter Eggs (heck no they are not Spring Sphere’s in my household!) and prepare food for our Easter dinner Sunday. 

Then of course we’ve got a day full of Easter festivities Sunday starting with our church service in the morning followed by lunch with my family and an egg hunt.  Then we’ll have an early dinner with Hubby’s family and another egg hunt as well.  Both egg hunts will be small as Ellie is really the only little one big enough to hunt for them, but there will be lots of food for me to stuff myself on.

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