Valentine’s Day: A Family Affair

Happy Valentine, valentine's day, family valentineHubby and I went out for a nice romantic dinner over sushi tonight to celebrate our Valentine’s Day a little early, and a couple of my friends thought it was totally weird that we were celebrating early.  How is that weird?  I had explained we were going out tonight because Monday night we want to spend our Valentine’s evening as a family, with the ones that mean the most to us. 

We didn’t actually plan to celebrate tonight without her, but when my aunt asked if she could keep her for the evening we decided we’d go out on a whim.  To me Valentine’s Day is just another commercial holiday created to make money.  We celebrate our anniversary alone without the baby, so if we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all we’ll do it as a family. 

We don’t buy gifts for each other, and on the off chance that we do we don’t buy anything elaborate.  Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple we decided on our no gifts rule, but Hubby still came home with a small gift for me.  He found a little trophy that resembled those sport trophies you see sitting on mantles or packed in boxes in the attic, but it was a couple kissing. He had "To My Loving Wife, I'll Love Your Forever" inscribed on it, and I thought that was the perfect gift. It wasn't a lame generic box of candy or bouquet of roses. It was something from the heart.

This year we will probably buy a small gift for the little one, maybe a Valentine themed stuffed animal or some candy (not too much, though), but we won’t buy gifts for each other.  Going out to our favorite sushi restaurant was our gift to each other.  On Monday I’ll cook a dinner for the three of us and spend my evening with both of my Valentines because I’m very blessed to have them both in my life.  Isn’t that the way it should be?

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