Christmas Gift Boxes by Barrington Studios Limited

Last year after Christmas I hit up the sales and stocked up on Christmas supplies to use this year. Among my purchases was a set of small gift boxes by Barrington Studios Limited that I found on sale for $2. In the set were 4 gift card boxes, 2 small round containers, 5 Chinese take out style boxes, and 1 medium size "envelope" box that is perfect for gifting homemade snacks. As I like to make Christmas ornaments and fudge for our friends and family each year I thought these boxes would be perfect for those small gifts.  The boxes are all decorated in various Christmas prints, and they are all quite adorable.

I had forgotten about them until I started some office decorating. They were tucked away in a box with some of the ornaments for the small tree I put in my office, and I immediately decided instead of using them for gifts they were small enough to act as fake gifts around my office Christmas tree.

This morning Ellie discovered all the little “presents” and she has been happily playing with them for hours.  I decided since they were only a $2 purchase I’d let her be happy and not worry about her destroying them.  The thick cardboard boxes have held up quite nicely, and even with a 1 year old beating and banging on them they are in perfect condition.  That’s a plus when you’ve got children who like to “explore” the presents under the tree.

She has been stacking them like building blocks, using her imagination to create various box “walls”.  When Ellie went down for a nap I started to clean up the boxes and realized that she was also taking the lids off the square boxes and putting some of her small toys in them.  As I’ve been trying to show her how to put the lid back on a box she has for awhile without any luck I was impressed that she figured it out on her own while playing with these.

These are now Ellie’s boxes, but I’m on the hunt to find more like them.  I would like to have some to use for presents as they are the perfect size for some of my needs and super cute to boot! 

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