Finding The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life

Hubby still hasn’t found a job, but I was able to kick it in gear last week and make some extra cash.  I was blessed with a couple of contract jobs that paid well, the bills for the month are paid, most of Ellie’s Christmas is purchased, and it’s time to shop for the rest of the family.

When it comes to my Christmas list the men are always the hardest ones to shop for.  You can only buy so many socks, ties, and underwear!  Unfortunately those do tend to be the go to gift options for a lot of people who have trouble gift shopping for men. 

This year I promised myself I would not buy any of the above for any of the men in my life.  I have to shop for Hubby, both of our dad’s, my grandpa, and two brother-in-law’s.  Hubby’s gift was easy as he’s been going on and on about two Playstation 3 games.  I preordered one in November, and I’ll be able to pick up the other this weekend.  Thanks to Christine I have a great gift idea for my NRA member Dad.  The rest of my list is not so simple, though.

After spending a good deal of time online searching for the perfect gifts I think I have finally picked out something for one of my brother-in-laws.  He is a smoker, and I know he enjoys cigars from time to time.  He showed up at the hospital with cigars for Hubby when Ellie was born, and Hubby did the same for him when my nephew was born.  Because of that I’m thinking perdomo cigars might just make the perfect gift. Now my problem is choosing which sampler set to get him. There are a few in my price range, so I'll have to narrow it down to one. Unfortunately I have the hardest time making decisions like this!

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