How We’re Helping This Christmas

If you were given the option to purchase gifts for your friends and family this year or help a child in need instead what would you choose?  After discussing the amount of money we actually have to spend on Christmas this year (which isn’t much) Hubby and I came to an agreement.  Our daughter’s presents are purchased, and the only other presents that really concern either of us are for a child from the Salvation Army Angel Tree

We’ve gone back and forth talking about what our family members and friends might want for Christmas that we could afford, and the bottom line is we just can’t afford gifts for everyone.  Sure, I could come up with cheap gifts for everyone if I wanted to. I could probably buy a few Mp3s to go with my SIL's new ipod touch, but that isn't what we're choosing to do.

We chose a little boy in our area from the Angel Tree, and we’ve been purchasing the on his list instead of presents for everyone else.  To me that is so much more important.  Not only will he have presents this year, but he’ll have things we know he needs.  As for our adult family members we’re going to give them each Christmas Cards that include a note informing them that we have combined our gift money this year to help provide for this needy child.

Will some people be upset that we are doing this instead of purchasing gifts for them?  Probably, but they shouldn’t be, and if they are I feel that’s just petty.  I’d much rather give my money to a child who needs the assistance instead of buying a cheap $5 gift that will probably end up in the trash or re-gifted anyway.  I feel like we’re making the right decision, and we’re using our money in the wisest way possible.

If you would also like to help out a child by purchasing Angel Tree gifts for them it’s not too late!  You can adopt an Angel and mail gifts by December 10 or drop them off at your local Salvation Army by December 14!

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